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Junk King to the Rescue...and, other Special Volunteers or Organizations

Keeping older residences (Most WHC residences are in the heart of Over the Rhine and were built circa 1880... yes, over 140 years ago) maintained is a constant battle. It keeps our inspector and office manager (thanks Dennis & Steve) busy to say the least.

Unfortunately, we occasionally are recipients of trash. Nice. Can you imagine that some people think it's just fine to leave old, used tires on one of our properties. To make it worse, how about leaving them leaning on a residence where a beautiful mural was dedicated in honor of a wonderful young woman who died way too early and volunteered to help feed and serve those experiencing homelessness. This residence is called, "Victoria's (Victoria Stolz) House of Hope."

WHC tries to be resourceful and exercise stewardship with our residences and financial gifts. As such, the idea of paying organizations to resolve trash removal led to a call to Junk King. After asking us about the WHC ministry, they offered to dispose of these tires for free!  Junk King to the Rescue...

And, it helps that we have many other individuals and organizations that provide free or discounted services... Special Mention Thanks as well to:

  • We have volunteers who have helped build dozens of Habitat for Humanity homes or renovations (thanks Paul, Dave, big Mike, Preston, John and others...) on call to add porches, flooring, new rooms, framing, drywall, painting, electrical... you get the idea... most anything...

  • Or, Dupont Plumbing who has helped unclog, restore and renovate extremely old drainage systems.... remember, most of our homes were built over 140 years ago... we need reliable, honest and quick responding teams stuff goes to @#^&... See: Home - DuPont Plumbing Inc.

As a reminder, WHC owns five residences that house 15-20 participants (we have space for families so the total number above can vary). Each residence can have three to six participants. We also have a sixth residence to be renovated.


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