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Call our office at 855-724-HOPE (855-724-4673) to schedule an in-person meeting.


Meet with our Staff

One of Welcome Home Collaborative's Life Coaches will meet with you to discuss your background, our rules and regulations.

Please download, review and complete each of the following forms. Click to download.


Download & Complete All Forms

Our Application Process

We invite you to apply to our transformational housing program by following the steps below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Rules & Policies

To uphold the quality of our program and guarantee the best outcomes for everyone involved, all applicants must sign and adhere to these policies.

The Welcome Home Collaborative is a program and NOT a rental agreement. In participating in this program, you will be participating in the rules & policies as listed below. 
In participating in the Welcome Home Collaborative program, I understand and agree to the following:


  1. I agree to meet with my Life Coach every week to develop and implement a Life Plan with my Life Coach(s) that makes me more like Jesus Christ, and I will welcome the Life Coach and Nurture Teams as they seek to live out the love of Christ as they partner with me for all of our mutual growth.

  2. I will not allow illegal drugs on the premises, and no one who consumes drugs, including prescription drugs without a Doctor’s prescription, will be allowed on the premises.

  3. I understand and agree to random, periodic drug screens.

  4. No alcohol or consumption of alcohol of any kind by anyone, resident or non-resident, will be allowed on the Welcome Home Collaborative building/premise/grounds.

  5. I agree to a background check.

  6. I will allow no smoking inside the house. Any smokers in the household will step outside to smoke, and close the door behind them.

  7. I will ensure that only those adults who have been admitted into the Welcome Home Collaborative program will be living in the house/building. Conversely, no one outside of the program will be allowed to stay, sleep, or live in the house/building.

  8. I will NOT keep any pets, of any kind, in or on the Welcome Home premise or land surrounding it.

  9. I will keep the house/premise clean, neat, & well kept. This means that no clutter outside of dressers, closets, cabinets. 

  10. I agree to the random inspections, that is, inspections without prior notice, of the premise being examined by the Life Coach. The Life Coach will examine the premise for cleanliness and neatness and clutter. 

  11. I agree to keeping the house/premise in good working order, and supporting maintenance efforts. 

  12. I agree to a monthly Program Fee (tbd between $300 & $450- depending on location), to participate in this program.).

  13. I agree to using a Payee to submit my monthly Program Fee to Welcome Home Collaborative for me. In the event of having no Payee, then I agree to submit two months of my program fee, i.e., the first & last month of my program fee, before entering into the program.

  14. I agree to volunteer at least 10 hours per month of my time to Welcome Home Collaborative. This could be cleaning, painting, light construction work, volunteer hours that assist this ministry move forward.

  15. I agree to participate in regular meetings and/or classes to help promote the progress of my participation in this program.

  16. I understand that these rules and policies are subject to change by my Life Coach and the Welcome Home Collaborative leadership.

  17. This is a limited program with a maximum of 2 years within the program.

  18. I agree to a mental health screening and a drug screen.

Each violation of the Rules and Policies will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  Repeat violations will be reviewed more closely.  As some individual incidents can have a profound impact on others in the program residing at the address, there may be cases where immediate termination of the agreement could be enforced.  In these cases, the program fees will be forfeited.  Failure to pay the program fees will also be reviewed and may be cause for program termination.

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