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The goal of the Welcome Home Collaborative (WHC) program is to assist our Program Participants in allowing the Holy Spirit to truly transform their lives.  Although WHC offers transitional housing, the main goal of our ministry is actually NOT about housing, but rather, transformational change. 

More than a Housing Program

Individuals joyously hold hands in a huddle

Our two-year program provides tools that will allow program participants to build a solid foundation for life. All individuals and family heads are assigned a Life Coach who will collaborate with them throughout their journey to create a Life Plan for true change and transformation.

The Life Plan includes Long Term and Short Team SMART Goals. SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Resource-driven, and Time-bound. All program participants are required to be actively engaged to reach these SMART Goals.

Change that Lasts

A program participant smiles for the camera

The key to transformational change is the bond formed between Life Coach and Program Participant. Using the Arizona Self-Sufficiency Matrix as a guide, the Program Participant and Life Coach work in collaboration together, to yield a Life Plan, which will contain at least ONE (1) long-term SMART goal.


The difficult task of the Life Coach is not to do try actually achieve this change for the Program Participant (i.e., “projecting” or trying to “fix” a perceived problem for someone else), but rather, to assist the Program Participant to take the lead on this transformation (more accurately stated, to allow the Holy Spirit to work). WHC uses the master’s level textbook, “Motivational Interviewing” training our Life Coaches to use “MI techniques” in working with Program Participants.

Transformation through Collaboration

Life Coaches pose with a program participant outside in Cincinnati, OH

What to Expect

Program Participants meet with their Life Coach weekly in order to build a trusting relationship and to track his or her Life Plan progress.

Weekly Coaching

Program Participants are required to volunteer at least 10 hours a month through the duration of the program.

Community Service

Program Participants are required to keep their housing maintained and clean at all times.

Program Participants are expected to show respect and kindness towards fellow participants and life coaches at all times.

Cooperation & Friendship

Welcome Home Collaborative is committed to helping individuals and families in need of housing and supportive services. If you are interested in becoming a program participant, please click the link below to learn more about our application process. We would love to hear from you.

Interested in Applying?

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