Our Mission Statement:

Utilize individuals that are either homeless or looking for a second chance in life, by remodeling vacant and distressed buildings in the inner city of Cincinnati to create transitional housing for the homeless, working poor and struggling families in the inner city with the Welcome Home Collaborative.

Our Goal is to transition people out of homelessness, utilizing people that could not find jobs by using their existing skills or to train them with new job skills, and finally, to remodel / beautify vacant and distressed property. We will measure individuals who are in the program as to the progress in the program, as well as statistics to monitor how many people have been transitioned out of homelessness, how many people we have trained, used as volunteers, & employed, and how many vacant /distressed homes/buildings we’ve remodeled in the inner city of Cincinnati.

Program 1:
Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing The Welcome Home Collaborative offers transitional hosing for the homeless and working poor individuals. Individual Associates will be offered a sleeping room in a house. Families will be offered apartments or a house. All Individuals and Family Heads will be assigned Life Coaches. The Life Coaches and associates will meet on a regular basis...

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Program 2:
Life/Work Skills

The Welcome Home Collaborative will use volunteers to train & educate with construction as well as life skills. They may have a level of existing skills and will then seek to improve upon them. In this way, the program will attempt to lift up individuals that are struggling to find employment.

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Program 3:
Remodeling Vacant/Distressed Properties

Finally, the Welcome Home Collaborative will attempt to acquire vacant or distressed buildings in the inner city of Cincinnati with the intent to remodel and restore these buildings, and thereby beautify the city and lift up the residents in them.

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